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Odette - Ride Your BikeOdette – Ride Your Bike

Only a few months ago I was introduced to the music of Odette when her debut single ‘Just Listen’ turned up at my house to review, I was instantly impressed with the song with the highlights being how positive and upbeat Odette came across throughout the song, well Odette is now back and ready to release her second single ‘Ride Your Bike’.

‘Ride Your Bike’ is yet another power pop single that is bound to leave you in a good mood after a few listens no matter how bad your day has been, the song is dominated by the well executed powerful voice that Odette has developed she being a singer at an early age, the song also features Odette playing guitar which helps bring even more beautiful sounds into the mix, after a few listens you will find yourself singing along to the catchy chorus of “Go ride your bike you little boy just leave me alone again, go get yourself another toy I’m looking for a man”.

Odette has not long re-entered the music industry and so far it seems that things are going right for her, she has two outstanding radio friendly singles under her belt now, her debut album ‘Just Me’ is pretty music complete and ready for release in early 2010 which means we will be hearing a lot more from Odette in the near future, and I personally can’t wait to give ‘Just Me’ a listen.


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