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Orange - PhoenixOrange – Phoenix

Orange are a punk rock band from LA, they have had a almost healthy time in the music industry with two solid album releases and relentless touring across America and Canada, but about a year ago Orange were nearly over when their original rhythm guitarist quit, remaining members Joe Dexter and Zak Glosserman were very close to pulling the plug on Orange but they then looked onto to the positive side of things and invited some new musicians in to try out in Orange, the results were fantastic and Orange now have a solid line up and are back with their third studio album ‘Phoenix’ which has just been released through Hellcat Records.

‘Phoenix’, is a very diverse sounding album it has proper rifftastic chant-a-long punk moments, it also has big sing-a-long poppy punk moments as well as a very slow yet beautiful sounding rendition of the Lou Reed classic ‘Perfect Day’, seriously you can’t really get more diverse than this on a punk record and especially one that has been released on Hellcat Records.

The opening track ‘Each Other’ is a simple sounding track but despite that it is actually a fantastic song that flows really fast thanks to Joe Dexter’s melodic vocals which seem to be on super charge especially during the super catchy and cheerful chorus.

‘Standing Still’ features some funky keyboard sounds and is another simple poppy-punk track that is really upbeat. ‘Everything I Need’ features a great instrumental introduction which starts off with massive plummeting guitar riffs and throughout the 3minute and 15seconds long track it has everything from bouncy bass lines to catchy fast flowing vocals and super squeaky clean production.

My favourite song on the album is ‘Never Going Out Again’, the song is a massive group effort which features group vocals which are forever coming and going, the song is also layered perfectly and is another song where the bouncy basslines really shine above everything else.

‘I Wish’ is Orange’s take on a ballad, the song comes across alright but really isn’t a style that Orange should play to often as their talent lays within the real melodic poppy-punk tracks.

The great thing about Orange is that they have stuck to their roots from the start and are still knocking out the same kind of music as they were when they first started up, they are still as melodic as they always were, frontman Joe Dexter still has that Billie Jo Armstrong factor that he has always had and the songs featured throughout ‘Phoenix’ are some of the best Orange have ever created and will remain in your mind for some time to come.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Orange - Band
Brendan Minded (Lead Guitar)
Perry Ladish (Guitar, Vocals)
Joe Dexter (Bass, Vocals)
Zak Glosserman (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Each Other
2. Standing Still
3. Everything I Need
4. Never Going Out Again
5. Hold Onto Your Heart
6. I Wish
7. Desperation
8. Happening Today
9. Catching Up
10. Fall Into The Sky
11. Sunday Night
12. Perfect Day
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