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The Hickey Underworld - The Hickey UnderworldThe Hickey Underworld – The Hickey Underworld

The Hickey Underworld are a very noisy alternative rock band from Antwerp, Belgium, I first come across them when they released their ‘Mystery Bruise’ single, the song was a massive guitar driven song that gave your ears a slight battering with the chunky riffs but also provided to be a real listenable rock anthem, I then saw the controversial video for the follow up single ‘Blonde Fire’ which featured a man cutting up humans and animals trying to put them back together and bring them back to life, it may well of been a shocking video but it was cleverly created and fitted in well with the hard hitting song.

After two outstanding singles The Hickey Underworld are ready to release their self titled debut album and it is one hectic journey from start to finish, the album opens with ‘Zero Hour’ the song starts off with a massive jamming session from the band where the guitar riffs are chunky, the drumming is constant and heavy, whilst the bass adds a bit of groove to the mix and it’s not long before Younes Faltakh's droned yet strong vocals come in, the song rotates from oozing with rhythm to oozing with sheer noise.

The two singles ‘Mystery Bruise’ and ‘Blonde Fire’ are included on the album and they still sound as good as they did when they were first released as singles, with ‘Mystery Bruise’ having that slight heavier and catchy edge over ‘Blonde Fire’.

‘Sick Of Boys’ is a pure noisy song where the drumming really does take centre stage and takes the song on a massive rocking journey, Younes Faltakh’s vocals come across loud and clear causing a major positive impact on the song.

Vocally the best songs on the album are ‘Zorayda’ and ‘Blue World Order’ as Younes Faltakh’s vocals come across so different than they do anywhere else on the album, for example during ‘Blue World Order’ his vocals are really soft sounding and more like he is singing than shouting along, whilst ‘Zorayda’ is quite similar vocally but it leaves you thinking more as you hear Younes Faltakh softly singing over crunching guitar riffs.

If you like big guitar riffs and lots of jamming then you are going to love The Hickey Underworld as that is what they are all about and they jam in such a big style, they have a big and loud rock sound that is impossible to ignore and no matter how good I think this debut album is, I believe that The Hickey Underworld are a thousand times better on the live circuit and I really can’t wait to check that out for myself.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
The Hickey Underworld - Band
Younes Faltakh
Jonas Govaerts
Jimmy Wouters
Georgios Tsakiridis
 Track Listing
1. Zero Hour
2. Sick Of Boys
3. Blonde Fire
4. Zoraydo
5. Future Words
6. Mystery Bruise
7. Of Asteroids And Men'. Plus Added Wizardry
8. Blue World Order
9. Flamen Corpse
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