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New Education - ArcaneNew Education – Arcane

New Education are a new four piece indie band that the NME seem to love, they are signed to KIDS Records the same label that launched The Wombats and The Whip and they are due to release their new single ‘Arcane’ on the 7th December.

‘Arcane’ is a decent track and quite rocky sounding compared to your average indie tracks, the bit that stands out the most to me is John Bradbury’s constant drumming, he drums in style and at such a good pace, brothers Ryan and Jack Dooley cover the vocals with Ryan on main vocals which come across loud, clear and strong, with Jack on backing vocals which aren’t present that much during the track but when they are they add good variety to the track, the guitar playing is fantastic with some big powerful and uplifting riffs, the basslines are very twangy sounding and helps make the song stand out that little bit more.

The single features two remix versions of the same song, they both run for over 7minutes and they are actually quite nice to listen to, but after a couple of listens I am sure the over the top dance beats will start to do your head it, after all this is no Ibiza club classic.

I feel New Education are definitely a band worth watching, I like what I have heard so far and will keep my ears peeled for future releases from these guys.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
New Education - Band
Ryan Dooley (Vocals, Guitar)
Jack Dooley (Bass, Vocals)
David Cartwright (Guitar) John Bradbury (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Arcane
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