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Weezer - RaditudeWeezer – Raditude

When I heard that Weezer were releasing their seventh studio album in November I actually thought it was a joke due to the fact that it has been only a year since there last album was released and they haven’t even stepped foot in the UK since the release, I also thought it was more like one of those albums that are formed of b-sides that bands put out claiming that it is a brand new album full of new songs when really it is full of songs that weren’t good enough to feature on their previous albums, well I can now confirm that this is not the case with ‘Raditude’ from Weezer as the album is quality and one of the best albums Weezer have ever released.

Weezer are well known and loved for being random and doing things that people don’t expect, well I for one never expected Weezer to release a new album so soon after releasing their last album but I am happy that they have as I am a massive Weezer fan, the first thing that pleased me about ‘Raditude’ is the artwork which shows a dog jumping very high in the front room of someone’s house, it’s quite humours and very rock and roll looking at the same time.

So we have come to the conclusion that ‘Raditude’ has great artwork and in general it is one of the best albums that Weezer have released, but musically what is the album really like? Well it’s a lot more upbeat and happy than any other Weezer album and you are probably wondering how that is possible as Weezer have always been a real happy sounding upbeat band, but just trust me when I say ‘Raditude’ is the most upbeat Weezer album ever, it is a fact.

The bands current single ‘(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To’ opens the album and what a way to open the album, the song reminds me very much of dashboard Confessional during the chorus and tells the story of teenage love, how sweet.

‘I’m Your Daddy’ is a pure Weezer power pop song, that features some great guitar feedback to give the song a rockier edge, the song will get you moving as well as singing-a-long to the easy to pick up lyrics.

The opening of ‘The Girl Got Hot’ sounds like the opening moments of any Guitar Hero song, in fact the song sounds like it has been written for the Guitar Hero generation as it sounds so bouncy and fun to play, who’s up for a Weezer Guitar Hero? As I for sure am if songs like this are going to be included on it.

‘Can’t Stop Partying’ see’s Weezer tone things down a bit and go for a more synthesized sounding song, it reminds me of latest batch of material from The Bloodhound Gang, the song is a lot different than anything Weezer have done before, but they have done well and it is a song that I will be coming back to listen to again and again.

It seems like Weezer have gone back to the drawing board for ‘Raditude’ and come up with a big mix of songs where the majority of them sound like nothing Weezer have done before, whilst some sound like your average Weezer song, and it is clear that Weezer have been influenced by various different bands with this album as I can see elements of Dashboard Confessional, The Bloodhound Gang and even Alkaline Trio within a few songs on the album.

River Cuomo’s is an very odd man but a genius at the same time especially for him to be in a band who have released seven very different sounding albums and to still have a massive following who love everything himself and his band do., ‘Raditude’ pisses all over the greatness of ‘The Red Album’ and ‘Make Believe’ and quite possibly every other Weezer album but my brain can’t think back that far just now for me to comment, but seriously do yourself a favour and pick up a copy of ‘Raditude’.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members

Rivers Cuomo (Vocals, Guitar)
Brian Bell (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Scott Shriner (Bass, Backing Vocals)
Patrick Wilson (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To
2. I'm Your Daddy
3. The Girl Got Hot
4. Can't Stop Partying
5. Put Me Back Together
6. Tripping Down The Freeway
7. Love Is The Answer
8. Let It All Hang Out
9. In The Mall
10. I Don't Want To Let You Go
11. Turn Me Round
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