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Manchester Orchestra - Shake It OutManchester Orchestra – Shake It Out

Fellow Alternative Vision reviewer Thom Curtis has been telling me for weeks now how Manchester Orchestra are his favourite new band and that I really need to check them out as their album ‘Mean Everything To Nothing’ is the best album that he has heard all year long, well as soon as the bands new single ‘Shake It Out’ came through my door I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to see how much I agree with Thom.

‘Shake It Out’ is a proper progressive song, it really reminds me of Brand New with the way that the song has various different twists and turns and how no two parts are the same, it also reminds me of Nirvana due to its grunge sounding vocals and rather loud moments, the song is huge, it’s also technical and its fucking fantastic.

If you are disappointed with the new Brand New album like most people seem to be then it’s time for you to check out the new Brand New which happens to be Manchester Orchestra as these guys won’t disappoint you.


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