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Polar Bear Club - Chasing HamburgPolar Bear Club – Chasing Hamburg

Polar Bear Club first burst onto the ‘post-hardcore’ scene in 2006 with their debut EP ‘The Redder, The Better’. Since then they have released a full length record ‘Sometimes Things Just Disappear’, and have toured relentlessly earning themselves scores of fans from all over the globe.

Their new album ‘Chasing Hamburg’ has been released via Bridge 9 Records with somewhat mixed expectations and trepidations. Fans are eager to see whether it will be a welcome return to the earlier days of Polar Bear Club or yet another further departure, just as many felt with the release of ‘Sometimes Things Just Disappear’.

The most notable feature of Polar Bear Club is the distinctive growl of frontman Jimmy Stadt, it is truly admirable. Comparisons to acts such as Hot Water Music and The Gaslight Anthem are bound to be made, but these can only be good things. It is true to say that this album is more accessible than its predecessor. Tracks such as ‘Living Saints’ and ‘Light Of Local Eyes’, really set this album apart from anything Polar Bear Club have ever done before.

For all those concerned about the quality of the new Polar Bear Club album, do not fret, it is yet another example of Jimmy Stadt and co doing what they do best. Polar Bear Club encapsulate a lot of what is missing from a lot of today’s ‘hardcore’ music; they are edgy, they are genuine and they are fucking brilliant!


Review by Ben Connell
 Band Members
Polar Bear Club - Band
Jimmy Stadt
Baby Goose
Nate Morris
Emmett Menke
Chris Browne
 Track Listing
1. See The Wind
2. Living Saints
3. Boxes
4. Take Me To The Town
5. Drifting Thing
6. Light of Local Eyes
7. Song To Persona
8. Old Fisher Burial Ground
9. One Hit Back
10. Chasing Hamburg
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