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Photo Of 4FT Fingers © Copyright Trigger4FT Fingers
Plus Rob Blake
Gloucester, Guildhall
19th April 2008

4FT Fingers                   Rob Blake

It’s strange how things change over the years, if you think back to 2003, 4Ft Fingers were at the top of the UK underground punk rock scene and so close to breaking into the mainstream, they had videos on the major music channels, supported many huge bands across the UK and Europe and even embarked on a tour across the USA. 4FT Fingers were one of the most hard working bands in the scene clocking up 200+ shows each year, if you went to their shows anywhere across the country the venues were rammed with kids, dedicated kids who knew every song word for word. 4FT Fingers homecoming shows at the Guildhall were a yearly event coming across every June, the venue was always sold out in advance with drunken kids everywhere, the short walk to the toilet was always a mission with you having to watch every step to make sure you didn’t stand on 1 of the many kids laying on the floor passed out.

Photo Of 4FT Fingers © Copyright TriggerBack to the present day, things seem very different, its 8.50pm and the Guildhall is pretty empty, there are no kids in sight but instead people in at least their twenties sinking a pint and waiting for the main support band to come on, there is about 70 people in the Guildhall, a venue that can hold 400 people and would normally be sold out back in the day. The main support for tonight is Robb Blake, the lead singer from the now non existent band Whitmore, a band that were enjoying major success back in the early 2000's with many rotating headline tours with the 4FT Fingers, it was good to see Rob back supporting 4FT Fingers but would of been even better if the full Whitmore line up was with him. Robb took to the stage at 9pm and had a 40minute set, a set that he put 100% effort into, moving around stage like a mad man, the music he was playing was quite similar to his Whitmore days but instead of being a full band it was Robb, his electric guitar and a drum machine, a few Whitmore songs were thrown into the show for good measures such as the classic 'Drop The Bomb'. I can’t remember many of the song titles for Robb's songs as I was having too much fun getting into the music, but I do remember 'From Spain To Endorse It' the song is a fun ska song that got a small number of the crowd skanking along. Robb is as good as a solo artist as he was a frontman for Whitmore, hens a performer and a good one at that, he played tonight like he was playing to a packed out festival, despite only playing to 70 people at the Guildhall. After Robb finished we headed to bar.

Photo Of 4FT Fingers © Copyright TriggerWe came back to the main hall just as the 4FT Fingers were taking to the stage, the lights were off and as the 4FT Fingers were taking to the stage, the first thing I thought to myself was wow where did all these people come from, the venue was a lot busier than 20 minutes ago, there was easily 200 people maybe even 250 people in the venue, as soon as 4FT Fingers took to the stage the crowd kicked off moshing with people throwing each other all over the venue. 4FT Fingers had just over an hour set and now 4 albums worth of tracks to choose from after just releasing their fourth album 'New Beginnings Of Old Stories'. All the classic songs were there 'Proud To Know You, 'Last Man Standing', 'Emergency Manoeuvre', 'Busted', 'A Life We Choose To Live', 'Head Held High', 'Brickwall', 'One For The Road' etc, each song was executed perfectly, the crowd was loving every minute with the majority of people singing along word for word and half the crowd moshing along. Many songs from new album 'New Beginnings Of Old Stories' were played despite the album only coming out last Monday, most of the crowd already knew the songs word for word which shows how hardcore and dedicated the fans of 4FT Fingers are.

Photo Of 4FT Fingers © Copyright TriggerMidway through the set bassist Kyle Dougles announced that they have a new cover song, frontman Rob Crebbin then took over speaking and announced that the song is by their favourite bummer, he then went on to tell a story about how he introduced the song the same way a few nights before at a show and the bouncer on the door ended up being a bummer and giving him dodgy looks all night, luckily the bouncers tonight weren’t gay and didn’t take any offence, before you knew it they fired off into the song, a song that turned out to be 'Im Still Standing' by Elton John, the crowd started off laughing and seconds later sang along word for word to what proved to be a rocking cover. 4FT Fingers are well known for their cover songs as they have been playing 'Bugsy Malone' for the past 12 years, the song was in the set tonight and proved to be a massive sing along affair like normal.

4FT Fingers sure know how to get a crowd going, they finished off with a small rendition of their theme song 'Sense Of Direction' with Rob getting every member of the crowd to sing along "la la la, la, la, la, la, la", 4FT Fingers left the stage, the show was over, the lights in the venue came on, the backing music came on and the crowd slowly started to filter out but there were still loud chants of "4FTS 4FTS" with members of the crowd hoping they would came back out to play a short encore, an encore never happened but you could clearly see the dedication and love for the 4FT Fingers.

Photo Of 4FT Fingers © Copyright TriggerIf anyone left the Guildhall tonight feeling short changed and unhappy then I will be surprised, 4FT Fingers played like they have never been away from the scene, they gave 110%, they were clearly having as much fun as the rest of the Guildhall seemed to be, even the security guards were laughing along which is quite a rare sight at a gig as they are normally moody bastards who don’t appreciate the music. I left the venue tonight very happy and also with a slightly fucked over voice from all the singing and shouting, nights like this don’t come along often enough. It was good to see 4Ft Fingers back and back to their best, let’s hope they carry on for many more years.

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 4FT Fingers

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