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Jagermeister Tour 2012
Skindred, Therapy?, Black Spiders
Bristol, Academy
24th April 2012

Skindred                       Therapy?         Black Spiders


Photo Of Black Spiders © Copyright TriggerOver the past few years Jagermeister have been one of the most important brands in the alternative music industry, they have a roster of approximately 40 bands and they range from up and coming bands like The Defiled, Deaf Havana, Turbowolf, Black Spiders to your more well established bands such as Therapy?, Skindred, Enter Shikari, Bullet For My Valentine and many others, and Jagermeister help these bands by putting them on at festivals, financing their banners, merch and general promotion and just as importantly generally keeping them in supply of Jagermeister which I am sure comes very handy during those cold winter days of sleeping in clapped out vans.

Photo Of Black Spiders © Copyright TriggerJagermiester also treat the fans of the bands just as well by providing kick arse tours at a cost where it would be rude not to attend, with the Jagermiester tour 2012 being bigger and better than any of the previous tours with the 2012 having Skindred headline with Therapy?, Black Spiders and a local band from each city hit up 5 cities across the UK and we happened to make it down for the last show of the tour at Bristol, Academy.

As we made it through the door we were greeted by the Jagermeister promotion team who were there giving out all sorts of different Jagermeister freebies, as we made our way into the main room of the venue everything was black and orange like an tangoed Zebra due to Jagermeister rightfully dominating everything from the wall, the ceiling, and even accessorizing people with their colours and brand.

Due to arriving into Bristol late and having to get a taxi to the venue we ended up missing the opening band Turbowolf but managed to get in just in time for the Black Spiders to take to the stage and they put on a great show blasting out 7 songs and also having a lot of banter with the crowd in-between songs.

Photo Of Therapy? © Copyright TriggerTheir set consisted of songs such as ‘stay Down’, ‘Just Like A Women’, ‘Blood Of The Kings’ but it was ‘Kiss Tried To Kill’ me which got the best reaction from the crowd in the Academy tonight with the pit kicking off big time and the security kept on their feet in case of any potential early crowd surfers.

I have seen the Black Spiders live so many times now and each and every time they seem to be that little bit tighter as a live band and tonight they were on top form with drummer Tiger Si Atkinson standing out the most with his outstanding drum work and funny facial expressions.

Photo Of Therapy? © Copyright TriggerTherapy? Were up next and the band took to the stage looking all smartly dressed in shirts and ties they opened up with ‘Teethgrinder’ and Andy Cairns wasted no time getting involved with the crowd stepping off stage and playing his guitar and singing amongst the crowd once again the security were kept on their feet ensuring the safety of the crowd band and photographers.

Throughout the set Therapy? managed to cram 11 tracks in and in-between songs Andy had a lot of time for the crowd thanking them for supporting the band for the past 20 years and asking them if they remembered the times they played at the Thekla down the road which was met with massive screams.

The set featured a mixture of old and new songs and tracks such as ‘Ghost Trio’, ‘Die Laughing’, ‘Get Your Dead Hand Off My Shoulder’ and set closer ‘Screamager’ went down extremely well with the crowd tonight. The crowd really seemed to enjoy Therapy? Tonight and I have to agree they did put on a good show but at the same time I do believe that Therapy? Are an enquired taste.

Photo Of Skindred © Copyright TriggerOver the past couple of years Skindred have gone from strength to strength and released some killer albums and taken part on some career changing tours with the Rob Zombie come back tour back in 2011 being one of the most important tours for Skindred in the UK so far.

As the lights in the Academy dimmed the classic AC/DC track ‘TNT’ was played over the sound system with a mad flurry of lights as soon as the song finished Skindred made their way to the stage with Benji Webbe taking centre stage but moments later Benji walked off stage looking very irritated but after massive chants of Skindred from the crowd Benji and co returned to the stage and rocked out solidly for the next hour and ten minutes.

Photo Of Skindred © Copyright TriggerMusically Skindred were tight as anything tonight and found time to mix in a bit of Slipknot, Amy Winehouse, Beyonce, Rhianna and Slayer with their own music and it sounded fantastic, performance wise the band were full of energy which sent the pit into mayhem with the crowd rocking back and forth with many circle pits opening up.

Skindred closed the set with ‘Warning’ which is the lead single from their latest album ‘Union Black’ and easily proved why they were the right act to headline the Jagermeister tour after having the whole of the Academy jumping up and down to their rifftastic synth driven sounds.

Black spiders 4/5
Therapy? 3/5
Skindred 5/5

Review By Trigger


Benji Webbe
Mikey Demus
Dan Pugsley
Arya Goggin


Andy Cairns
Michael McKeegan
Neil Cooper

 Black Spiders

Pete 'Spider' Spiby
Andrew 'Ozzy' Lister
Mark 'Dark Shark' Thomas
'Tiger' Si Atkinson
Adam 'The Fox' Irwin

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