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3 Doors Down
Seether, Takida
Birmingham, Academy
12th March 2012

3 Doors Down             Seether                     Takida


Photo Of Takida © Copyright Robert LawrenceTakida are tonight’s openers travelling from Sweden to be a part of this UK tour, they’re music ranges from extremely gentle to chunky riff filled tunes. Not much excitement to them or energy on display to really capture my full interest though, not really a rock show more like guys just playing music to me. When you’ve got 2 commercially successful acts following you there should be some degree of attempting to not fall in their shadows and imprint your material into the crowd so they still remember to check you out after the show, whilst the music seemed decent I can already feel the memory slipping away.

Photo Of Seether © Copyright Robert LawrenceSeether are finally back in our country for the first time in 3 years! I’ve been waiting to see the band play a show for 8 God damn years and tonight I finally get my wish! Even though it was only a 9 song set I still thoroughly enjoyed myself to no end! These South African grunge rockers have brought some of the best 9 songs from their longstanding career including songs from their latest release “Holding onto Strings Better Left to Fray” in the beautifully performed “Tonight” and that retro feeling rocker “Country Song”. No sight was more beautiful the entire night than the band performing the song that made them “Broken”; people cried, everyone sang along and damn it everybody felt the emotion. Between songs there was minimal interaction more of a proper grungy show with lots of distorted feedback and crisp sounds, it’s not all gentle though with songs like “Gasoline” and “Remedy” but the really heavy stuff unfortunately seems to be missing tonight much to my disappointment, but what I did get is enough to leave a warm feeling in my heart.

Photo Of 3 Doors Down © Copyright Robert Lawrence3 Doors Down surprised me last year when they played the exact same venue and blew me away as I was expecting a less than invigorating show and was dealt with an explosive set. This time they’ve upped their game and their set is more energetic and explosive than ever! What a set list as well, 19 songs including the best of their back catalogue with an a cappella cover of “Another Day in Paradise” by Phill Collins performed by lead vocalist Brad Arnold, beautiful little number. Arnold to be honest is the linchpin that has pushed the bands performance far past anything it has ever been in the past, he multiple times dives into the crowd surfing around singing his heart out, even his on stage presence has gone up as he is much more explosive with raw energy that has always been present but not to this standard. As far as their own tracks go, they had their big screen backdrop but this time had cameras around putting the show on the screen for certain tracks giving it a more of an arena show feel as that’s usually the only place you see that kind of production, set highlights for me had to be “Citizen/Soldier”, “Changes”, “Duck & Run” and the encore of “Kryptonite” and “Believe with a chorus of “Breaking The Law” by Judas Priest slotted into the end, it was a tremendous sight and an outstanding show that I won’t soon forget.

Takida – 3/5
Seether – 4/5
3 Doors Down – 4.5/5

Review By James Webb

 3 Doors Down

Brad Arnold
Matt Roberts
Todd Harrell
Chris Henderson
Greg Upchurch


Shaun Morgan
Dale Stewart
John Humphrey


Robert Pettersson
Tomas Wallin
Fredrik Pålsson
Kristoffer Söderström
Mattias Larsson

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