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Rise To Remain
Adept, Malefice, Cytota
Birmingham, Academy 2
7th March 2012

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Photo Of Cytota © Copyright Robert LawrenceCytota wore their nerves on the sleeves from the minute they stepped onto the stage to the minute they left it. They supported Rise To Remain on their last UK tour also but in much smaller rooms, I think the larger room has rendered these young lads scared. It affected some members more than others, I feel that the rhythm guitarist and vocalist were hit the hardest as the lead guitarist and bassist after the first song began rocking out and the drummer was on fire. I’m going to say the nerves affected the vocals because if they always sound like that then I have little faith in the music, even the way the lead vocalist would address the audience was messy and shaky. Even though this wasn’t a great set I can see the drummer just exploding with raw talent, these guys will make it big one day even if it isn’t together as a band they will all get there one way or another I’m very confidant.

Photo Of Malefice © Copyright Robert LawrenceMalefice fell victim to ridiculous amounts of technical difficulties which always put a downer on the set, but this time not only did it do that in almost completely killed the performance entirely. The band emerged met by a huge reaction only to kick into “Delirium” with nothing coming out of the speakers apart from drums and low vocals, then the guitars finally came in and the vocals went, then the rest of the night was victim to guitars and vocals coming and going at random intervals, not sure what was going in but it made enjoying the performance extremely difficult. I’m not taking anything away from the bands ability to perform though as its clear as day everything’s wicked in the monitors and they’re rocking it out as confidant and dominant as they always are, from what I heard of the crowd interaction from the vocalist it was as provocative and energising as ever, you know when it was actually audible.

Photo Of Adept © Copyright Robert LawrenceAdept have come over to play on this tour from Sweden, I was checking their CD’s out for a couple days before attending and I was expecting some breakdowns and heavy sections but always combated with a decent amount of clean vocals, however I don’t know if it was because they thought they were on a really heavy tour or what but there was less of the clean stuff involved than you’d have thought. I get that band’s sometimes do different vocals live to give it a bit of an edge, Rise To Remain for example sometimes swap the odd screaming vocal for a clean and it works, but I mean Adept seemed to try to swap everything for a screaming vocal, input a lot of sub drops breakdowns as well. You had to enjoy the atmosphere more than the and because finally after 2 acts that were less than satisfactory the audience have finally let loose and started enjoying themselves which is always a bonus, and the band performed really well it’s just I enjoyed their music more before hearing it live, and that’s backwards to how it normally is.

Photo Of Rise To Remain © Copyright Robert LawrenceRise to Remain tonight perform the 8th performance that I have been in attendance at and if you compared what I’ve just witnessed to the first time I ever saw them they’ve exploded leaps and bounds in regards to both their live show and their writing style. The set though marks the first time new bassist Josh has actually ever performed a concert, but had he not told me this before the show I’d never have guessed because he was really into it jumping off the stage and bouncing around, both he and new drummer Adam performed tremendously alongside the others like they all truly belong together on stage. Everything was wicked to be honest even if Austin did miss a few of his queues you can almost Photo Of Rise To Remain © Copyright Robert Lawrenceforgive the crazy little bastard because he was climbing and bouncing off everything providing much entertainment, he and guitarist Ben Tovey are the most confident in what they do having a laugh and a joke whenever they get chance. Blasting through an epic 13 song set including tracks from their EP; “Purify”, “Salvation” and “Illusive Existence” alongside a hefty chunk of their debut album, most memorable include “Talking in Whispers”, “The Serpent”, “Power Through Fear” and the set ender “Bridges Will Burn”. With a slot on the main stage at this year’s Download Festival and worldwide touring ahead they can only progress further!

Cytota – 2.5/5
Malefice – 3.5/5
Adept – 3.5/5
Rise To Remain – 4/5

Review By James Webb
Photos By Robert Lawrence

 Rise To Remain

Austin Dickinson
Ben Tovey
Will Homer
Josh Hammond
Adam Lewin


Robert Ljung
Jerry Repo
Gustav Lithammer
Filip Brandelius
Gabriel Hellmark


Dale Butler
Ben Symons
Andrew Wilson
Tom Hynes
Chris Allan-Whyte


Joby Fitzgerald
Youssef Ashraf
Ryan Hamilton
Oliver Pik
Harry Jennings

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