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Dinosaur JR
Built To Spill
Birmingham, Academy
16th May 2010
Dinosaur JR        Built To Spill                         
Built To Spill (3) A very dry mellow sounding American indie rock 5 piece band from the US. They've got load of equipment on stage, it's loud but it's hardly pushing their equipment. It's all very mellow stuff, kind of like REM but without any upbeat tunes or killer songs. The songs seem to meander along and don't seem to go anywhere! Some of the songs are overly long and sometimes feel very familiar. They have the stage presence of a wet towel and hardly say anything to the crowd at all, part of the act perhaps? This is the sort of music you could put this on in the back ground and ignore, the crowd look as excited as I do, but it looks like there's many a fan in here tonight due to the reaction of the crowd after each song.

Dinosaur jr (4) an Alt rock band from the US, you may not be too familiar with these veterans, but I’m sure you may like bands that they've influenced over the years. The lighting again is shoddy real low lighting. The regular drummer, Murph had to go home apparently so instead I can imagine the drum tech filled in, can't remember his name, but hearing him he didn't seem to miss a beat so all was well. The opened with Thumb which was then followed by Budge, not too bad of an opening as it gets the crowd warmed up nicely for the rest of set. I enjoy the dynamics of the sound; they have both loud and quiet parts, in terms of volume, which is good to hear as most bands go with a wall of sound! Other songs that featured were Imagination Blind, The Wagon, Pieces, Feel Pain, Over it and the excellent, Forget the Swan, this song goes way back to the beginning as the opening track of their first album, which I'm sure fans new and old appreciated alike. I’m not sure what to make of this gig as it was dry in places in terms of sound, it was entertaining, but not visually as the lighting sucked, but it’s the music that counts so what the hell.

Built To Spill 3/5
Dinosaur JR 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Dinosaur JR

J Mascis
Lou Barlow

 Built To Spill

Doug Martsch
Scott Plouf
Jim Roth
Brett Nelson
Brett Netson

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