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This City
Manchester, Academy
5th December 2009
A                                   This City    
This City are the perfect band to kick off tonight’s proceedings. They are fresh faced, full of energy, and can write awesome songs. Despite the Academy 3 only being a quarter full (and that’s being generous) by the time they clamber onto the stage, they throw themselves around with gusto and make sure everyone is having a good time. Their set is heavily laced with songs off their debut album ‘We Were Like Sharks’ and tracks such as ‘We Move’ and ‘With Loaded Guns’ sound fantastic. This City are certainly a band to look out for in 2010.

In the past few years the world has witnessed a surge in the reformation of previously defunct bands. Gary Barlow and co have been on tour with a huge mechanical elephant, New Kids on the Block are back and are no longer kids, and Blur have pulled themselves out of retirement (and cheese making) to take the Brit-pop crown once more. Whilst I am not denouncing the importance of the reunions of such mavericks, none are personally more exciting than the welcome return of ‘A’.

In the four years that have passed since ‘A’ were last seen embarking on headline tours across the UK, quite a lot has happened within their ranks. Singer Jason Perry has made his name as a top producer working with acts such as McFly, Kids In Glass Houses and The Blackout. Former bassist Daniel P Carter is the host of Radio 1’s Rock Show and drummer Adam Perry has been jetting around the world with the Bloodhound Gang. Yet it is their love of ‘A’ that has brought all but one of them back to the Academy 3 tonight.

Tonight’s set comprises of all the songs you would hope and expect to hear at this type of gig. ‘A’ intertwine their oldest and newest hits seamlessly, broken up by excellent crowd banter by Perry. One thing that is striking about ‘A’ is that after all this time of being apart, it still seems effortless; being stood in the Academy 3 tonight, it could easily be 2004 again. Songs such as ‘I Love Lake Tahoe’ are played with just as much enthusiasm as they were ten years ago and ‘Nothing’, the track ‘A’ are arguably best known for, sounds absolutely huge.

Whilst most members of ‘A’ are fast approaching, or have already reached the grand old age of forty, they do not show any signs of hanging up their instruments in favour of a pipe and slippers just yet. Perry’s arms are flailing, ‘Old Folks’ still doesn’t seem autobiographical and they throw themselves wholeheartedly into their performance, all with huge smiles across their faces. Whilst tonight’s opening band This City may have energy in mass, they could certainly learn a thing or two from Jason Perry and co.

As I have previously mentioned, Jason Perry is a master of crowd banter, but perhaps the most poignant thing he touches upon tonight is that ‘A’ are doing this only for themselves and the people in the room. Tonight is like one big party, and if your name isn’t on the guest list, then this is one party that you’ve missed out on.

This City 5/5
A 5/5

Review By Ben Connell


Jason Perry (Vocals)
Mark Chapman (Guitar)
Daniel P. Carter (Bass)
Adam Perry (Drums)
Giles Perry (Keyboards)

 This City

Arran (Guitar)
George (Bass, Vocals)
Chris (Vocals)
Grant (Guitar, Vocals)
Nick (Drums)

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