Gig Review

The Cinematics
Bristol, Fleece
28th February 2007

The Cinematics have no sooner got on stage and they have already burst into their first song ‘Sunday Sun’. As soon as Scott Rinning (lead vocals, guitar) opens his mouth you instantly recognize a similar sounding voice to the lead singer of The Editors. But as they get progress onto song ’Keep Forgetting’, it’s clear that the band has more get up and go to outdo The Editors in the energy stakes threefold. To look at, three out of four members are pint-sized, skinny Glaswegian lads with their lead guitars and bass, with the slightly taller, older member on drums. You’d be forgiven for thinking the band looks like a smaller, younger version of Franz Ferdinand.

The Fleece is crammed to its excess with people who are listening attentively, but the energy from the band simply does not reflect onto them, apart from one crazed man on the front row who incessantly bounces for the entire set, regardless of the pace of song. You can feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up when they launch into the slower, haunting ‘Human’. Rinning pours every ounce of his emotion into his voice as he sings the words ‘I’ve been breaking my back with the weight of your heart’. The crowd looks like they are in some kind of zombie trance, with bassist Adam Goemans sultrily swaying his hips around softly with his guitar. But before the crowd mellows down too much, the band plays ‘Break’ and for the first time of the night, the crowd actually goes a little bit crazy. Well, at the front, anyway. Being a previous single, it’s obvious that this is the only track that most of the crowd has actually heard before, with some of them even mouthing the words.

The band has the ability to flit between upbeat, fast-paced indie rock to melodic songs with the greatest of ease. One thing that remains throughout their entire set is the energy and enthusiasm that they put into it, regardless of the somewhat subdued audience, which serves to demonstrate the raw passion they have for their music. The biggest star of the night goes to Rinning who oozes charisma and pure intensity in his voice to the point that a vein on his neck looks fit to burst.

The youthful stature of the band is summed up when they dedicate song ‘Chase’ to their friend backstage who wasn’t allowed into the venue because he was underage. The band are young, they are new, but there is no doubt that their talent is developed and mature beyond their years.

Review By Fiona

 The Cinematics

Ross Bonney (drums)
Ramsay Miller (lead guitar, backing vocals)
Adam Goemans (bass)
Scott Rinning (lead vocals, guitar)
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