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The Dead Formats
Leeds, Rios
3rd July 2009
The Dead Formats         
Photo Of The Dead Formats © Copyright Ellie PockleyTonight The Dead Formats brought a fuse of energy to the stage. The gig may not have been sold out but that did not stop The Dead Formats from giving it their all. The venues stage was a little on the small size for the six piece band from Essex but The Dead Formats proved tonight that there is no such thing as a small stage but only small bands, from this they delivered an extraordinary rare performance for our era. They really have taken things back to the old school era of Small Faces and The Clash and such bands, which is something that I think is missing in the current music scene.

Ditton who is one of two vocalists is one of the best front men I have seen in a long time, bringing to stage with him an extremely energetic performance full of character. All band members appear to have a true working bond who are thirsty to bring back a music scene that some people may call dead, if The Dead Formats have anything to do with that current statues it won't stay dead for long. There were certain people at this gig that may not have been a fan but after songs such as Step it Up, Again and Again and new tunes not featured on the album blaring in their ears they very soon changed their minds. Its still early days for The Dead Formats but I do believe they are set for very great things as tonight as proved a success for them.

The Dead Formats - 4/5

Review By Ellie Pockley

 The Dead Formats

Darren Ditton (Vocals)
Francis Waller (Vocals)
Glenn Wizik (Guitars, Vocals)
Chris Spencer (Guitars, Vocals)
Jon Poulten (Bass)
James May (Drums)

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