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Elliot Minor
Mission District
Birmingham, Academy 2
2nd July 2009
Elliot Minor             TheMission District
Photo Of The Mission District © Copyright Robert LawrenceThere are some great perks to shooting bands, but sometimes the hassle you get trying to get into a venue, when your names not down on the list and it should be, i was treated like dirt tonight, no body seemed that interested in trying to help me, at one point i was told that i may not even get into the gig, the promoter was supposed to tell security i was there to shoot the bands, she never bothered, i finally managed to get in and get a pass sorted out. You go through all this hassle to do something you love.

There were only two bands on tonight, in a rather stuff and warm academy 2 tonight, first up was a band from Canada called The Mission District, a synth pop band, and from the off there wasn't much to grab you, it seemed a bit limp, the drums were steady only you've heard the same drum beats a million times, the synths wasn't that good either,seemed a bit half arsed really, they stuck in a medley of songs, that included, just dance by lady ga ga, billy jean by everyone's current favorite dead king of pop, and Disturbia by Rihanna before going back to Just Dance. They Finished off there set with the new single So over you which is out soon.

Photo Of Elliot Minor © Copyright Robert LawrenceHeadliners were Eliot Minor, they opened with Jessica, which had the hot and sweaty crowd singing along, followed by Running Away and time after, by which time, i was drenched in sweat, due to the heat off the crowd and the stage lights, it was a warm on tonight, the band seemed pleased to be there, but didn't have much banter with the crowd, they did dedicate a song to Kerrang radio, which got a bit of a cheer from the crowd. Also in the set they played, I believe, Solaris, Broken Minor and before the encore Parallel Worlds, which is probably there best known song. They finished off the night with Electric High and Still Figuring Out. In such a warm venue it was good to see that the band didn't hold back as i've seen some bands do, the crowd slopped its way out, looking soggy but happy with what they've just seen.

The Mission District - 3/5
Elliot Minor 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Elliot Minor

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