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Pama International - Pama OuternationalPama International – Pama Outernational

Pama International are a very underrated eight piece Reggae band from the UK, the band have been together for a number of years now and feature members of The Specials and The Loafers which means that this eight piece Reggae powerhouse are not newbie’s when it comes to the Reggae and ska scene as they have all had plenty of experience in and out of Pama International.

‘Pama Outernational’ is the band’s new album and it is released on the 19th October on the Rockers Revolt record label but some places have stated that the album release has been pushed back now untill the 2nd November, anyway the album is influenced heavily on the soul scene of the 60’s and the Reggae scene on the 70’s but with the help of the great production they have brought the sounds of the two scenes together and into the 21st century.

The album has a solid sound about it and is the kind of music that would of heard in a chill out lounge a few years back whilst you enjoyed a nice Jack Daniels and coke, and a big fat cigar whilst chilling out on a Sunday night, infact the album has such a chill out feel about it that I feel like I need to head back on holiday to Egypt and chill out by the pool laying on the comfy cushions they had whilst smoking on the Shisha water pipe, looking into the sky watching the stars whilst listening to this album from Pama International, that would of made the moment perfect.

The album opens with ‘Equality And Justice For All’ the song is a slow-paced reggae song, the lead vocals from Finny are so soulful and so beautiful to listen to whilst listening to the nice mix of trumpet and saxophone sounds.

‘Dub A Disco’ is a song that is instrumentally about the rhythm, the song is a 1minute and 44seconds instrumental song and it is so beautiful to listen to. ‘Are We Saved Yet?’ and ‘I Still Love You More’ both feature some cracking vocal work from Finny, but instrumentally ‘I still Love You More’ shines so much more.

The band’s latest single ‘Happenstance’ is included on the album and my opinion of the song still stays the same it is a real beautiful sounding reggae track that’s full of great rhythm and chilled out instrumental work that will get you moving every slightly from side to side.

‘Dub A Dance’ is very much like ‘Dub A Disco’ in the way that it is an full on instrumental track, they sound so different from each other, but the good thing about ‘Dub A Dance’ is that it follows on nicely from ‘Happenstance’ and features a lot of groove.

The later section of the album is split into two sections with the first section being called Side One and the second section being called Side Two, to give the album that old skool feel about it like back in the day with tapes and the old vinyl’s, the first part of the album features a lot of rhythm, whilst the second part of the album is the more upbeat part.

If you are a fan of trumpets, saxophones, organs, slow paced guitar riffs and general reggae sounds then you are going to love ‘Pama Outernational’ from Pama International, the only problem I see with the album is that the band find it hard reproducing their live sound and energy on record but that’s not a problem of the bands it’s a general problem of the music scene that the band are part of as it’s a well known fact that Reggae and Soul music is so much better live than it is on record, just do you self a favour and make sure you check out Pama International on the live circuit at least once, I saw them by luck last year supporting The Levellers and loved every single minute of their set.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members

Finny (Lead vocalist)
Sean Flowerdew (keyboards)
Lynval Golding (Guitars, Vocals)
Ernie McKone (Bass)
Fuzz Townshend (Drums)
Gary Alesbrook (Trumpet)
Andy kinsman (Saxophone)
Marcos Ferrari (Dub stylings from the mixing desk)
 Track Listing
1. Equality & Justice For All
2. Dub A Disco
3. Are We Saved Yet?
4. I Still Love You More
5. Still I Wait
6. He's More Like His Father
7. Happenstance
8. Dub A Dance
9. Question The Answer
10. Trade It All For More
11. What You Do Now
12. Look Out Your Window
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