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Odette - Just ListenOdette – Just Listen

Odette is a pretty new name to the music scene, she is a singer songwriter who was born in Rome but has lived the majority of her life in New York and London, with London being the place that she currently resides.

At the age of five Odette started in the music scene playing the piano she then went on to write poems when she was nine and then writing her first set of songs when she was fourteen which led to her joining her first band where she played the keyboard and now she is a little bit older and wiser she is here and ready to release her debut solo single ‘Just Listen’ on the 21st September through Marbles Records.

‘Just Listen’ is the perfect introduction to Odette as the single is so upbeat and soulful with Odette’s vocals coming across in such a clear and happy way, the song has a slight rock edge with its basic guitar riffs and constant basic drumming and the song really comes to life during the ever so catchy chorus where Odette really shows off her vocal style.

Odette has a voice that just needs to be heard, ‘Just Listen’ is such a beautiful song to listen to and it really is hard to pick any faults in Odette as a musician and her songs and this may be the first that I have heard of Odette but I doubt that it will be the last and she has a debut album just around the corner.


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