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New Project - Primal.Logic.Slave.New Project – Primal.Logic.Slave.

Ambient progressive techno screamo metal. A new breed one could argue.

The opening track “Cyberpunk,” has one of the best introductions to a metal album I've ever heard. Synthy chords and strings, really building up a sense of atmosphere. Something you'd expect to hear from Babylon Zoo or Lemon Jelly. You know it's heading somewhere, you just don't know to where exactly. And then it hits you, some good old heavy fucking rawk. It works really well. The vocals are a bit screechy, similar to the Murderdolls or something, but yeah it's not bad at all. And when it breaks down into some kind of techno-metal section, we've got a winner.

“Voice In The Machine,” still has the heavyness of metal guitars and drums, but it's all a lot slower and with the effects placed on the instruments and breathy distant vocals, it all sounds very ambient. Although, even with the amazing sounds, this song really doesn't seem to get anywhere.

“The Fairy And The Reaper” is a song for the geeks. Anyone who played Goldeneye on the nintendo 64. Level 6 or 7, Silo. Imagine that music performed by the Murderdolls. If you can imagine such a thing, that is. It's just bloody good, the end.

“Chrome” and “Disconnect,” are two more amazing tracks, each with their own little techno breakdowns blended with metal madness. Sheer awesome.

New Project have developed this incredible sound, and a lot of it is down to the EP production itself I'm sure. A really dense thick sound that to listen to, is really impressive.

I could easily see them getting onto music channels such as Kerrang, but not really the kind of thing you could find on the Radio. Unless of course you were scanning for some weird Internet radio station broadcast from a cave in Finland.

All in all, bloody good stuff. Murderdolls, Drowning Pool and Dope (the band not the drug,) all rolled into one, playing at a zombie disco. Fantastic.


Review by Thom
 Band Members
New Project - Band
Marty (Guitars)
Nicole (Bass)
Mike (Drums)
Drew (Vocals)
 Track Listing
1. Cyberpunk
2. Voice In The Machine
3. Fairy And The Reaper
4. Chrome
5. Disconnect
6. Decay
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