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Metric  FantasiesMetric – Fantasies

Metric are a Canadian female-fronted new wave/indie four-piece – and this new album, is a corker. Already a Metric fan thanks to older tracks “Grow Up And Blow Away,” “Combat Baby” and “Monster Hospital,” thank the Lord that this album is as briliant as it is.

The overall sound/style/tone of this album, is spot on. Fantastically inoffensive, and potentially up just about everyone's street. Gentle rock licks blended with sweeping electronic sequences, beneath a flawless vocal line. Oof, this is a bit sexy.

The opening track “Help I'm Alive” is a catchy opening track, with Emily Haines' expertly executed vocals simply mesmerising. And to follow, “Sick Muse” is fairly awesome. Wait, so is the next track, “Satellite Mind.” Do we have a pattern? Well, generally yes.

I don't know why this works so well, but it does. It isn't one of those albums in which the artist in question appears to be attempting to span every single genre available, but at the same time, it isn't boring whatsoever. The established tone is, well, glorious. Even in the heat of the moment, it's still fairly relaxed, but it's all well-structured and everything has its point.

This is a perfect album to whack on and carry on doing something else. Not that it's backing music, at all, regardless of whether you do something else or not you'll find yourself singing along, but it's just not something you can devote all your attention to and throw yourself around a room to. Well, you could, I suppose, if you really felt that way inclined.

The album lasts ten tracks (boo!) but they're all wonderous. I'm fairly certain I'd only skip one, and it isn't even that bad, it just happens to have a great track following. All in all? Phenominal.


Review by Thom
 Band Members
Metric - Band
Emily Haines (Vocals, Synth)
James Shaw (Guitars, Vocals)
Joshua Winstead (Bass, Vocals)
Joules Scott Key (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Help I'm Alive
2. Sick Muse
3. Satellite Mind
4. Twilight Galaxy
5. Gold Guns Girls
6. Gimme Sympathy
7. Collect Call
8. Front Row
9. Blindness
10. Stadium Love
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