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Pet Shop Boys - Love Etc.Pet Shop Boys – Love Etc.

You might hear this on Radio 2. You see, no matter what year the Pet Shop Boys release a song, it's always still going to only appeal to the people who liked them when they were big years and years ago. However, in the age of the comeback tour, they've dug themselves up and managed to secure a headline slot at Latitude, which possibly has the worst line up to date.

The distinct vocal tone that makes you wince and tell yourself you're too young to listen to this, the absurdly cheesey beats, synth lines and vocal harmonies; you know exactly what to expect when you put a Pet Shop Boys CD in. And I'm bored of it. Euro-disco has never ticked any sober person's boxes.

As far as I can see, they're excellent producers. But they've been producing the same emotionless lardi-dar bullshit for far too long now. The sound has never progressed or moved in any new direction, and they're hanging on to the music world by the skin of their teeth.


Review by Thom
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1. Love Etc
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