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New York Dolls - Dancing Backwards in High HeelsNew York Dolls – Dancing Backwards in High Heels

Here’s a band that’s had a long career and a reunion already and now here they are in 2011 with a new release. Their original albums had a very rock and roll edge to them when they were in their prime back in the 70’s and even following it through into their reunion album “One Day it will Please Us to Remember Even This” and the later one “’Cause I Sez So”. They were all incredibly enjoyable albums proper rock and roll music from the roots where it all started, “Dancing Backwards in High Heels” however completely loses that side to the band.

The new album I wouldn’t really consider even branding a rock album because it really isn’t; they’ve gone for a more, percussion and tambourine funky style of music. I’ll be honest it’s not for me really, I normally could get on board with something like this but when I listen to music I want it to get stuck in my head and to really spur something emotionally for me be it either aggression, happiness or even sadness sometimes but this really doesn’t do anything for me.

The lyrics also are just really cliché and uninspiring in some songs like “Fool For You Baby” and “I’m so fabulous”; now don’t get me wrong, if this was released back in the day when this kind of music was in style then it would be terrific because it wouldn’t have been really cheesy and cliché but after generations of musicians since their last original album in 1975 things have changed. Brass sections, whistling, clapping and all the rest of it I think is really outdated and has been done to death; some modern day acts do still use these elements in their music but they do it in such a way the it compliments their own style and they don’t base themselves around it. If you gave this to somebody who’s from an older generation they’d probably really get into it but not for me.

I really don’t have much to say about it other than that to be honest with you; I would recommend it to perhaps my Aunt or somebody who’s really into funk music but that really isn’t many people that I personally know. Sorry Doll’s you just haven’t really done anything for me, I just hope your fan base enjoys your change in style because it’s a very risky move.


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

David Johansen
Sylvain Sylvain
Brian Delaney
Jason Hill
Earl Slick
 Track Listing
1. Streetcake
2. Talk to me Baby
3. Fabulous Rant
4. I’m so Fabulous
5. Fool for you Baby
6. Kids Like you
7. Round and Round she Goes
8. You don’t have to Cry
9. I sold my heard to the junkman
10. Baby Tell me what you’re on
11. Funky but Chic
12. End of the summer
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