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Obsessive Compulsive - Dreams Of Death And The Death Of DreamsObsessive Compulsive - Dreams of Death and the Death of Deams

Obsessive Compulsive has never been a band to follow convention and have fought against the usual route to ‘make it’ their whole career. Their debut album ‘Dreams of Death and the Death of Deams’ (4) only epitomizes this ethic: releasing the album off their own backs and steering away from big record labels ensuring that they could do everything their own way and make every song sound how they wanted. This attitude reflects not only in their lyrics but also their sound.

With Kelii’s angst filled voice vocalising the raw emotion of the music she accompanies you can see why some reviewers have likened her to the likes of Courtney Love. Listening to this album reminds me of being 16, when Brody Dalle was my idol and angry 90s punk was all I listened to and all I wanted to do was rebel against ‘the man’. Although I can see the comparisons I think there is a lot more to Obsessive Compulsive than just a nostalgic nod back to the 90s punk/grunge scene.

The music is filled with energy; the lyrics riddled with powerful messages making you want to revolt against the machine and live your life how you want, just like Obsessive Compulsive. This album could definitely be a soundtrack for a revolution, if it hasn’t already made you want to start one yourself. With an opening song like ‘$$’ followed by thrashy numbers like ‘Man vs. Machine’ and ‘Spit the Medicine’ and lyrics encouraging you to ‘break out of the cage you are in’ this album will make you want to get out of your chair and rebel …or at least think about it.

While they blast out angst like pros, songs like ‘Hell is a Circle’ and ‘The Decay of Hope’ show that they can slow down and produce slower songs. Although they aren’t ballads but more creepy dark numbers it still slows that they are not just limited to one sound and one tempo. Like their faster numbers they are filled with raw feelings and strong messages. This is a reoccurring theme throughout and although I admire their strong views. I think I would like to hear a song that is a little less serious, just to test their diversity further.

Although their DIY attitude may deprive the masses of their musical talent and catchy songs if you can get your hands on this album then it most defiantly worth a listen. It will give you the urge to break some necks and do things your way. Obsessive Compulsive have found themselves a new fan.


Review by Nicci Peet
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 Track Listing
1. $$
2. Man Vs Machine
3. The Decay of Hope
4. A Cocktail of Toxins
5. Spit The Medicine
6. Virago
7. Autopsy
8. Future Closing In
9. Exit
10. Hell is a Circle
11. 27 ½
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