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The October Game - WildbloodThe October Game - Wildblood

When you find an album called Wildblood, in a ye olde slightly gothic font – you expect something at least vaguely metallic. But no, this certainly isn't metal. It's alternative rock – fairly thinly textured but still quite nice. “Right On Time” is a very down tempo song with the guitars and bass rhythmically bustling about one another, beneath a gentle vocal which really completes the album. It really is perfectly suited to the music beneath it – clean (in both the inoffensive and clarity senses) softly ozzing over the verses and occasionally fluttering up into a falcetto moan. Almost like a subdued A Silent Film – but not as mind-blowing. “Boxing Underwater” is a strong track, led by a echoed... actually I don't know what sound that is. My criticism of other records has been that they're boring – and although this release from The October Game doesn't have much going on at once, the music progresses, and is written, in a significantly more mature way than a lot of average nonsense coming out of late. I'm not a massive fan of seven or eight minute long songs on such albums, but aside from that Wildblood is a fairly successful album. It's easy to listen to, and maintins a melody throughout – hooray!


Review by Thom
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 Track Listing
1. Wildblood
2. Greenbacks
3. Right On Time
4. Concrete (When We Were Invincible)
5. Boxing Underwater
6. Something Wrong
7. Biplanes At 2am
8. Where The Devil Loses Out
9. Cast These Waves
10. These Words Of Mine
11. Night Vessels
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