Alternative Vision - MagazineAlternative Vision started off as a small webzine back in 2004 where it was a small website that featured one team member (Trigger) and was mainly used as a website for him to host his music based photos.

The website has been online for 5 years now and has gone far in that time, going from having one team member and only hosting a small selection of band photos to having a dedicated team of ten people from all over the UK who are forever busy reviewing gigs, interviewing bands, reviewing the latest CD's, photographing bands and gathering up all the latest alternative music based news so Alternative Vision is always kept up to date.

The site currently hosts nearly 5000 photos from 6 different photographers.

Due to the site growing by the day we have decided to make a regular alternative music based E-magazine, that looks and feels like a real magazine but one you can sit at your computer and view with the click of a mouse.

The magazine will feature some of the same content that’s featured on the main Alternative Vision website as well as featuring loads of new information, articles and content that we couldn’t quite possibly put on the webzine.

Want To Join The Team
We are always on the lookout for new people to join the Alternative Vision team, and now we are busy working on two separate projects, the Alternative Vision webzine and Alternative Vision E-Magazine, so it couldn’t of been a better time for you to get in touch and enquire about becoming a team members, we are looking for friendly people who love music, writing reviews, doing interview and also photography, for more information head to the contact page and let us know you are interested in joining the team.